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Care Provider Applicant Screening

Care Provider Applicant Screening 

What are the minimum requirements to be a Joshin care provider?

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Have a High School Diploma or GED

  • Own a smartphone (Android or iPhone) with a data plan

  • Have at least 6 months of caregiving experience,

  • Pass a background check

Do you meet the minimum care provider requirements?

We validate that you meet the minimum Joshin care provider requirements. If not, that's okay, we still want to stay in touch, we can help you connect to additional training resources.

  1. Complete your application with us!

  2. Background check and application processing. Goodhire will facilitate a background check. Joshin will review and approve (or decline) your application

  3. Fill out your care provider profile. While your application is processed, you can fill out your care provider profile, this won't be visible to families until you are approved as a care provider, by Joshin

  4. Start booking and applying for posted jobs. Once approved, you can begin booking care dates and creating meaningful connections with individuals and families.

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