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Create an eye-catching profile

Create an eye-catching profile Tips for creating the best profile ever! 

Your care provider profile is your first introduction to Joshin members to learn more about your personality, skills, qualifications, and more! This is where members choose to reach out to you directly, so we want to support you in making the best first impression!

Top 5 care provider profile sections that will get you booked:

  • Profile Picture - we find that care providers who have a photo of just themselves are 2x more likely to connect with Joshin members. Work to create a photo where you can see your face, crop yourself out of group shots, avoid filters and be sure to smile for the camera!

  • Bio - This is your time to shine and let members know about you! What makes you a great caregiver?

  • Care Experience - Select from the list of disabilities and add more if you do not see what you are looking for. Members often filter caregivers by their disability experience.

  • Availability - It’s really important to set your availability to be booked and to keep it up to date. This is really important to Joshin members!

  • Reviews - New and existing care providers can send the link below to those you have provided care to before. We also ask Joshin members to review you after your bookings. This helps members feel more comfortable with your abilities and skills!

Pro Tip: Download Grammarly - it scans your writing for common grammatical mistakes and complex ones so you have the confidence to send a well-written communication!

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