How to get booked to provide care

How do I get booked through Joshin?

There are two ways for you to be connected to individuals/families:

  1. An individual/ family will see your profile and reach out to you via the messenger service on the Joshin platform.

  2. You can respond to a posting on the Joshin Job Board directly, and be connected to the job poster.

Can I be hired by more than one individual/ family on the Joshin Platform?

You absolutely can and that is what is great about working with Joshin. Keep the availability section in your profile up-to-date and you can be hired by as many customers for as many bookings you want. Don’t forget to request that bookings be scheduled through Joshin so you can manage your schedule all in one place!

How will I know what is required of me for the booking?

Joshin has a unique Care Binder that gives you all of the information you need to have a successful booking. There, you can view diagnosis details, medications, behaviors, routines, and more! Care providers can also leave Care Notes from their time with the individual so they (or the next caregiver) have that important information.

What if the information on the Care Binder does not match what is required of me during the booking?

The Joshin team is here to support you from the beginning to the end of each booking. If the Care Binder was not accurate or missing important information, you can let us know in the feedback area after the booking is complete. We will then reach out to work with the individual/family to make sure that information is included/updated.

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