How to start a conversation with a care provider

How to start a conversation with a care provider. Easily send messages to care providers with Joshin's messaging feature. 

You can easily start a conversation with a care provider by sending them a message directly through the Joshin app. To send a message, click on the care provider's profile, then click on ‘message’. You then are able to send a message to the care provider to get to know them better. Some examples of what you might send to a care provider include:

  • “Hi, Ashley! I am looking for a part-time sitter for my daughter who has Down Syndrome. She needs help getting off the bus after school and playing with her until mom and dad are done with work. Are you available between 3-7 pm M-F?”


  • “Hi, Jerome! I see that you are able to provide transportation. Would you be available to drive my mother who has dementia too and from her doctor’s appointment that is 30 minutes away?”

We strongly encourage all members to keep all communication with care providers on the Joshin platform. This eliminates the need to give out your personal contact information - protecting your privacy. To help ensure that users are continuing to communicate through the Joshin platform, the messaging feature will automatically restrict users from sending their phone numbers or email.

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