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Joshin is with you, from start to finish

Joshin is with you, from start to finish

Learn how Joshin makes it easier for you to find specialized care! 

Did you know? On average it can take 6-8 weeks for members to find the right nanny, sitter, or caregiver. Joshin takes the stress out of the process by recruiting, screening, and monitoring the care providers on the platform. All you need to do is create your account, choose your membership and then browse through the care providers in your area. Joshin is always recruiting on behalf of our members and their care needs. 

As a Joshin member, your profile is your one-stop shop for all important care-seeking information. Our individual-specific Care Binder is the culmination of 20 years of personal and professional experience by the Joshin founders. You can be confident that the care provider you connect with will have access to all of the relevant medical, behavioral, and personal information they need to have a great booking.

  • Fill out your Care Binder and job post with your care needs to our job board!

  • Speaking of connection- you can access, chat with (no limits), and video interview our network of disability providers - all without ever leaving the Joshin website!

  • Once you have found and interviewed a great Joshin care provider - you are ready to book your first Care Date! Simply click the “Schedule” button on your care provider's profile.

  • When you schedule your booking through the platform - Joshin is able to take care of the payment for you! This means no awkward money exchanges every time your care provider leaves the house. So there is no reason not to pay through the platform!

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