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Membership options for self-pay

Membership options for self-pay 

How can I pay for Joshin?

You can pay for Joshin through a subscription (out-of-pocket) or through your self-directed Medicaid waiver budget. You can learn more about paying for Joshin through Medicaid, here.

Our self-pay pricing options are:

  • 1 Month Membership: $29.99 / month

  • 3 Month Membership: $59.99 ( $19.99/month )

  • 12 Month Membership: $179.88 (14.99/month)

What is the difference between the subscription fee and the booking cost?

With a subscription you are able to find, message, and schedule care with our network of screened and qualified caregivers. The booking cost is the hourly rate you as the family or individual receiving care set yourself in your Care Binder. This hourly rate is what you pay your care provider. Joshin does take a 10% booking fee of the hourly rate you pay to the care provider. Care providers keep the remainder 90% of their earnings through the Joshin platform.

When do you charge me?

You are charged for your subscription at the time of making your subscription choice on the Joshin platform. After your booking is complete, you are auto-billed using the payment information you set up. Please note; you have 24-hours to review the booking billing notes, tip (optional), and rate your care provider after each booking.

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