Overview of Joshin care providers

Overview of Joshin care providers Screening, interviewing and scheduling 

What kind of experience do the care providers on the Joshin platform have?

We are proud of the diversity of experience reflected in the care providers on Joshin. The minimum experience requirement for approval is 6 months caring for people with disabilities or complex health needs. This intentionally broad criterion allows us to be a place where everyone can find the care they are looking for: from a companion to a CNA/PCA professional.

What should I ask a care provider during an interview?

Please click here to read through our recommendations for caregiver interview questions!

How long will it take for me to connect to a care provider that meets my needs?

At Joshin, our goal is to empower you, the families or individuals seeking care, to share information and make meaningful connections with care providers in your area. The power is in your hands to the message, interview, and schedule at your own pace. On average, we save people about 4 weeks in finding care providers.

There doesn’t seem to be many care providers in my area, what do I do?

Joshin is an early-stage company and an ever-expanding community of individuals, families, and care providers. We are always looking for qualified care providers to be added to our platform. Send us an email and let us know where you are, and we can follow up with steps to help. We’re always looking for new areas to recruit care providers to support our customers.

What if the care provider I choose isn’t the right fit?

A benefit of using Joshin is access to a large number of qualified and screened care providers. If a care provider you chose didn’t work out, please leave that feedback after your Care Date and we will follow up with you. We are consistently monitoring for quality assurance and appreciate feedback so we can best support you.

How do you choose your care providers?

care providers go through an experience review, background check, and finally; when available, we review their social media accounts. This is all done at no additional cost to you or the care provider. We do what we can to save you time.

Can I ‘favorite’ a care provider?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so. It makes them easier for you to find on your next booking and is a great reminder. When you ‘favorite’ a care provider, it means that if they are available they will be the first to show up for you.

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