Scheduling your care

Scheduling your care Tips to schedule your care at Joshin 
Why should I use Joshin to schedule my bookings after I connect with a caregiver?

At Joshin, we are here for you from start to finish during your care-seeking journey. That means we are there, working with you to connect with care providers, following up if your booking requests were canceled or declined, and submitting your billing (if you are using private pay). We are also there to read every booking review and follow up if the rating is anything below 5-stars. We are there to communicate feedback with our care providers, allowing them to learn and grow as professionals in the field. We can only be there to provide these services to you if your communication, scheduling, and care date completing reviews happen within the Joshin app.

We also want to change the thought process around the way families/individuals think about what is possible with care. By using all of the benefits of Joshin, you are accessing a deeper pool of care providers and creating a network of reliable, qualified support that can be there for you when life happens.

How do I create a booking

In the app: Click on the calendar icon in the lower-left corner. Browse and message with care providers. When you’ve found the right fit, go to the care provider profile and click ‘book me’. Enter the Care Date details and click ‘book now'. The caregiver will have received your booking request in real-time and will either ’accept’ or ‘deny’.

On the desktop: While in your profile, click “Find Care”. Browse and message with care providers. When you’ve found the right fit, click “book”. You will then pick the time and day you want to schedule care. Then, click “next”, add in any special notes, and send! The care provider will have received your booking request in real-time and will either ’accept’ or ‘deny’.

Do you care for siblings, too?

Absolutely! Please remember to list their name in the Care Binder. When you determine your hourly rate (you can change at any time), we’d recommend considering how many people will be included in a booking request.

What ages and abilities do you support?

Joshin is for all ages and abilities. You review the care provider's experience in their profile prior to booking. Care providers have experience with a variety of disabilities such as; autism, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, Down syndrome, physical disability, and more. We have the best-of-the-best caregivers at Joshin. Don’t see your specific disability need in the Care Binder or in caregiver experience? Let us know.

Is there a minimum amount of time to book?

No. However, caregivers are asked to “accept” or “decline” your booking request and the duration of the booking may be a factor during their decision making. Our average booking is 3-4 hours.

How far can I book out?

You can book as far in advance as you need. We recommend checking the care provider's general availability in their profile prior to sending a booking request. Then schedule as many bookings as you’d like and feel free to send multiple booking requests to care providers. Please note; we encourage care providers to keep their availability up to date on their profile.

How quickly can I book out a care providers?

Care providers will receive your booking request in real-time. They have 24 hours to “accept” or “decline” your request. Once the care provider confirms, you will be notified via email and push notification.

What happens if I’m early or late?

You are charged for check-in and check-out times that the caregiver works with you. If your booking goes over longer than the scheduled time, you are charged the actual length of the booking time frame.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel a booking at any time. Care providers are also able to cancel bookings at any time. You may also contact us.

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