Tips for Membership Success!

Tips for Membership Success! How to make the most out of your Joshin membership. 


As a member of the Joshin community - our goal is to connect you with a qualified care provider in your area. You want to find someone who matches the skills, personality, and availability to provide care for yourself or your loved one. We’re here to offer you some helpful tips to facilitate that connection:

1. Upload a profile photo

A great way to start building that connection is to share a photo of the person receiving care. Worried about privacy? Your profile is never visible to anyone on the Joshin platform until you choose to make it so by posting your care needs as a job to the Job Board, or messaging a care provider that you are interested in connecting with.

2. Add to your Bio

The care providers on our platform want to get a full picture of the care recipient- what do they like to do? What is their favorite color? Do they play video games? All of that information helps facilitate a strong initial connection to your potential care provider- which is even more important since the first impression is taking place online.

3. Post your care needs to the Joshin Job Board

The Joshin Job Board is the best way to reach multiple care providers at the same time with the schedule and details of your care needs. Posting to the job board is simple- just fill in the information when you are adding to your Care Binder! Care providers will be able to reply to your posting and message you directly with their interest.

4. Schedule your booking through the Joshin Platform

When you schedule your bookings through the platform you are strengthening your care provider connection in a number of important ways. Firstly, you are allowing for transparency of expectations to be communicated in one place. Since all of the information about the booking, care recipient, and hourly rate are all on the platform there should be little room for miscommunication. Secondly, the care provider has the ability to leave notes about the booking to allow for continuity of care should you connect with more than one caregiver. This open communication amongst your approved care providers is the beginning of your support network!

5. Leave feedback after your booking 

Joshin has your back every step of the way as you seek quality care for yourself or your loved one. By providing feedback after your bookings, you help facilitate caregiver connection by giving Joshin staff the tools to support care providers to grow their skills. We believe that the first step to improvement is communication- if something didn’t go well- let us know! We will reach out to that care provider and offer them the resources they need to be successful.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you think about beginning a Joshin membership - or look to utilize your existing account. Together, we are changing the way people think about disabilities!

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