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Tips for Professional Communication

Tips for Professional Communication Advice for care providers for how to best communicate with members. 

If a member reaches out to you directly – always respond – even if you cannot meet their needs.

Example responses:

  • “Hi, John! I am interested in providing care for (name), but I cannot fill all of your needs. Are you open to me providing care some of the days?”


  • “Hi, John! Thank you so much for reaching out. Unfortunately, I do not think I can meet your needs at this time. I wish you all the best of luck finding someone who can!”

If you are applying directly to a member through the Job Board – Introduce yourself:

  • “Hi, my name is Ashley. I am very interested in working with you, John! I see that you need support on Monday and Tuesday from 2 PM - 6 PM. I would love to learn more about your care needs and see if we would be a good fit.”

Over-Communicate with Joshin Members

Be sure to ask your questions so that you feel confident when accepting a booking. Be open and honest with Joshin members on what your work availability is - they are grateful to work with you! If you are unable to meet their care needs please be courteous & let them know. Members rather hear from you directly! If you can fulfill part of what care needs they have, let them know.

Tools and Resources to Help with Professional Communication.

Pro Tip: Download Grammarly - Grammarly scans your writing for common grammatical mistakes and complex ones so you have the confidence to send a well-written communication!

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