What does my membership cover?

What does my membership cover? Understanding all the perks of your Joshin membership!

Your Joshin membership includes the following:

  • Access to our network of care providers that have at least 6 months of disability care experience, are background-checked, and undergo ongoing criminal monitoring.

  • Unlimited messaging with care providers.

  • In-platform video interviewing capability

  • The ability to post your care needs as a job (and unlimited job post-editing) to all care providers in your area at no extra cost.

  • Access to the Care Binder- a patent-pending record of all important information (personal, medical, routine, etc) about the care recipient- all in one place.

  • Joshin’s scheduling tool and dashboard- to keep track of past and future bookings.

  • In-platform payment after each booking (no need to deal with cash or download another payment app).

  • A dedicated Joshin Team member who is a real person, and will return any calls or answer any questions by the next business day.

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