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What is Joshin?

What is Joshin? How Joshin works on your behalf, saving you time and stress. 

Joshin is the first and largest care platform created exclusively for disabled and neurodivergent people. We are here to provide you a wide variety of qualified, screened care providers in your area. Our goal is to help you build a bench of awesome caregivers to meet your unique care needs.

What sets Joshin apart?

From the very beginning, Joshin has your trust and safety in mind. care provider applicants are not allowed on the platform until they pass our stand-alone vetting process in the care platform space.

Plus, it's personal. The founders of Joshin have a lifetime of personal and professional experience - first as siblings to a brother with developmental disabilities and then as service providers for adults with disabilities.

We're here with you through the whole journey.

As a Joshin member - we are here with you, every step of the way. All within our platform you can:

  1. Create your individualized Care Binder

  2. Post your job (care needs)

  3. Review care provider profiles

  4. Unlimited messaging

  5. Interview care providers

  6. Schedule & book your care

  7. Rate your care provider(s) after each care date

  8. Secure, online payment process - No need to keep cash! 

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